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FabSwingers Reviews


Rated 1 out of 5
8 December 2021

I’ve been a part of Fab for the better part of a decade. Paid my fee, too, every time it came up. But to be honest, I just can’t recommend it any more.
For starters, a while back we were banned off the forum. Not for being aggressive, or rude, or even breaking rules. But because a certain mod (the name escapes me, rugby something or other) took offence to something we said (that wasn’t even offensive). No warning, just a straight up ban. They did the same to a few others in the same thread, all of which, surprisingly, they insulted at the same time but without a way for people to fight back. Essentially this person, who I assume is female, didn’t like people sticking up for and complimenting a certain member, and her reply was “I don’t like them, you can all go”. So stay away from the forum.
But with regard to the site, as I say I’ve been there a long time. Actually put a lot of money into memberships over the years. And so you know, for the life of me I couldn’t actually tell you any meaningful change the site has had? Maybe videos, which are dreadful anyway. Every suggestion offered is ignored, and the site looks exactly the same as it did when we joined. An appalling code base, with a lot of glitches and issues.
As for the site, they do everything they can to some how ban decent folk, but the quite clear faker profiles, or the drug users, stay there. One local couple, purple hazed whatever, constantly post about getting off their tits and 420 this and that, yet nothing is done. Men will quite blatantly steal couples pictures, and the site blocks the couple with the verifications, not the man who just joined with none.
Don’t even get me started on the clubs… Our poor Xtasia we visit often gets dumped on a lot on this site, and they just don’t care.
The truth is, if you’re a swinger, there are far better sites. But if you’re a time waster, druggy or single male picture thief who puts pictures of people you know on 4ch… Fab is for you.

Avatar for Harry Simpson
Harry Simpson

HOMOPHOBIA, hate crime malicious communications

Rated 1 out of 5
8 December 2021

Please note your response is very poor, I wrote a review about you allowing a homophobic, malicious, coercive person, who spreads hate crime , even after reporting him, with evidence you still allowed him to actively choose his next victim !! This is unacceptable for allowing such predators and you have been referred to trading standards !! You should be protecting your members ,,, not ignoring them when they send you feed back !! You did that twice , endangering people’s lives !! Shame on u, it seems it’s all about money with you as I see many people complain and u ignore

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Basil anthony

Somewhat shocked to be writing this…

Rated 1 out of 5
8 December 2021

Somewhat shocked to be writing this …. but here goes… i had been on the site approx 8 years, most of which have been amazing fun, and ive met some awesome people. However, recently my experience has been terrible, and that is what I feel the need to write a review around. I had been a chat room moderator for approx 5 of those 8 years, and many fedback to me that i added value to the site. Last April it all started going wrong, i was accused of many things, so i gave up the chat room moderation, for a quiet life, i was then hounded by moderators and admin alike. My every comment was scrutinised, i had a status removed the words were to the effect of ‘When a couple like that leave the site, you know its in decline’ Apparently I was ‘badmouthing another user on the site’ along with a forum ban for saying ‘apparently you cant put your arms around your partner on cam’ after id received a chat ban for having my arms around my partner. I also recieved several chat bans, when I was joining in with the banter with other chatters, and lets be fair, i had a good handle on the rules, id moderated to them for 5 years with no significant issues, so I was well within the site rules, as laid out in the guidelines given by admin. I guess if those guidelines were not clear enough … then thats my fault ?? so the final straw, id seen that their had been several reviews on here, and some, not all profiles have a link to trust pilot. So i was highlighting in the chat room that Fab appeared on trust pilot. I went to sleep and woke up to find the 2 accounts that i utilised, a single male one, and a couples account had been permanently suspended, no explanation, just gone … I have asked for my refund, I will update on progress with that one !
So ive had my refund email … my maths must be off, one account had 122 days of gold site support, and it appears is getting a £30 refund, the other had 237 days of gold, and it appears that will be getting £35, ive asked for a breakdown of how it is calculated, and I still have no reason as to why i was excluded …. i will keep you all updated 🙂
Obvs the money isnt in my account yet !

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End Of An Era For Fab

Rated 1 out of 5
8 December 2021

If indeed there was a minus 5 stars, that would be the option I would choose for fabswingers.
What was once such a good site, has now fallen by the wayside. It used to use the strapline of, By swingers, for swingers. It may have been at one time, but not in the last few years.
It seems that the site is bank rolled by certain backers, but is ran by the so called ‘woman’ Rugby_123. Their profits are all that matters to them. They have no regard for any members of their now crumbling website, especially paying members with morals and a conscience. The genuine people are leaving in droves after being poorly treated by the afforementioned ‘woman’ and ‘her’ cohorts. In the place of the genuine swingers, drug dealers/users, prostitutes, only fans and people begging for cash are taking over. When lockdown was in place, people were still meeting via the site and the admin just turned a blind eye as long as the money rolled in.
In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. Or in this case, the ‘woman’ working the controls who has a power hungry attitude and a highly out of date bias against transgender, or others who choose to live their life freely as they want. It even seems ‘she’ comes across as jealous of the people having fun on the site.
Do we see a pattern repeating itself with a certain person? Having read the reviews previously posted, I think there is.
For the financial backers and investers of fabswingers, maybe its time to sever a limb and save a tree. No genuine paying users, means less profit, means no website to make a living from.
In all, the person at the helm of fabswingers is out of date, out of touch, and should be put out to pasture. Let some new blood in, or those experienced enough to handle this dying ember of a site and bring it up to date and make it the site it once was.

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The Artful One

Outdated design

Rated 1 out of 5
8 December 2021

Outdated design, no support and basically full of pic collectors, fantasists and time wasters.
The owners are well out of touch with keeping things fresh and up to date and appear to be only interested in collecting the ‘Site Supporter’ fees.

Avatar for Andrew R Winchester
Andrew R Winchester